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Big Barker Dog Bed Review

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The Big Barker is the priciest XXL Dog Bed on the market but, is it really that good?

Does spending the extra $$$ really make your dog sleep better or save you money in the long term?

We decided to check it out and get the answer once and for all.

Is The Big Barker Really Worth The Price?

Spoiler alert: It’s incredible! It’s the absolute Rolls-Royce of dog beds.

The comfortable, orthopedic memory foam padding along with the 10-year “no-flattening” warranty is unmatched. In the long run, you’ll save thousands by avoiding lower quality foam beds that will buckle and flatten under the weight of your large dog.

Big Barker XXL Dog Bed Score

Comfort: paws-5
Available Sizes: paws-5
Durability (Cover): paws-2
Durability (Foam): paws-5
Build Quality: paws-5
Customer Support: paws-5
Value for Money: paws-3

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  • 10 Year No Flattening Warranty
  • 1 Year Free Trial
  • Incredibly Comfortable
  • Very High Production Quality
  • Biggest Size Available


  • Very Pricey (Especially inducing the waterproof inner lining)
  • Thin/Soft outer Cover (Not dig/scratch-proof)


For comfort… 10 out of 10! Simple as that.

Available Sizes

  • Large – 48″ x 30″ Labradors, Golden Retrievers, Boxers, etc.
  • Extra Large – 52″ x 36″ English Mastiffs, Rottweilers, Dogue de Bordeaux, Saint Bernards, etc.
  • Extra Extra Large – 60″ x 48″ Great Danes or Two Medium Dogs

* All Big Barker Dog Beds have a thickness of 7 Inches. This is considered the optimum walk-off height for large dogs reducing strain from getting up off the bed.

Outer Fabric

A soft, removable microfiber cover that’s durable enough to withstand years of regular use. The fabric is soft to the touch and very comfortable on skin. To wash, simply unzip and remove.


The cover is also available in 4 natural colors.


Notes on selecting the right color. This does come down to personal preference but here are some extra tips from the Big Barker website:

  • Khaki is by far the best option to hide saliva marks as well as shedding from canines with lighter coats.
  • Chocolate works better for dogs with darker hair.
  • Burgundy hides most colors pretty well unless you have a very light-haired dog.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The outer cover is NOT dig/scratch proof. It’s designed for comfort but will wear and tear quickly if you have a real digger on your hands. You should opt for a harder wearing surface or perhaps add some digging blankets to help protect the outer cover.

Inner Composition

A firmer 3″ high-density foam sandwiched by two outer layers of softer 2″ comfort foam.

The 3 layer design allows for an incredibly soft and comfortable sleeping surface while still being able to support up to a staggering 300 lbs without any bottoming out.

(Most dog beds will bottom out at a certain weight causing painful pressure points and even sores to develop over time on your dog’s elbows, knees, hip area, etc.)

big barker dog bed construction

Who It’s For

Make no mistake, this XXL dog bed is designed for large dogs. The foam sandwich is designed to comfortably handle the weight of large and giant dog breeds like Great Danes, English Mastiffs, and so on. It will be wasted on smaller dogs and the price won’t make sense.

Will the Big Barker Work for Two Dogs?

Yup, in fact, the 60″ x 48″ XXL is exactly double the size of two Large models side-by-side. Check out this video.

What We Love

The XXL size, as well as the soft, durable fabric, makes it comfortable even for me to take a nap on! My brother’s Great Dane has been sleeping better and seems to be less affected by hip pain in general. (The previous dog bed was a shredded foam, pillow-type pet bed with a medium amount of padding.)

There’s a one-year free trial too if you’re unsatisfied with the product.

What We Don’t Love

PRICE: Let’s face it… this really IS the Rolls-Royce of XL dog beds… and you’ll notice it in the price too.

Fortunately, the 10-year warranty, as well as the potential medical expenses (and anguish) you could save, helps justify the price tag.

I’m yet to speak to someone who wasn’t happy with the product. It’s worth the money, but it still makes you wonder if you can’t find a cheaper alternative that does the job equally well. (spoiler alert, nope.)

THIN OUTER COVER: The outer cover isn’t quite as hard-wearing as we’d hoped but will last many years if you and your dog look after it. If you’re dog like to chew or dig, forget about it. The cover will not last!

Durability / Production Quality

This dog bed is manufactured by Americans in their two workshops in Delaware and Pennsylvania using American-made foam and a lot of dedication to customer satisfaction.

This is reflected in the material selection, stitching and other aspects of workmanship.

Their 10 Year no-flattening warranty ensured that you have peace of mind when spending the initial purchase amount.

You can also add the high-quality waterproof inner lining for extra certainty that your investment will last.

Easy to Clean?

YES! Simply remove the washable cover and throw it in with the rest of the laundry.