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Best Extra Large Dog Beds for Great Danes

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A Great Dane is often referred to as a perpetual 3-year-old child because of the love and attention it needs. They are so affectionate that they will often sit or lie down right on top of you with their incredibly large frame asking for love. This imposing pile of bones and muscle is actually all heart. Certain common health issues mean that a great amount of care is required to ensure that they live a good, healthy life.

Comfortable, supportive sleep from a young age is absolutely vital to ensure the proper development of bones and ligaments and organs to help fight illnesses like:

  • Gastric Dilation-Volvulus (stomach bloating and torsion)
  • Cardiomyopathy (enlarged heart)
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Osteoarthritis

The bed size is just as important… you’ll need a large enough XXL dog bed that can accommodate their fully grown adult size without them needing to twist and turn to fit comfortaby:

  • Males 30 to 34 inches tall (paw to shoulder) & weigh 120-200 pounds
  • Females 28 to 32 inches tallĀ (paw to shoulder) & weigh 100 to 130 pounds

In this article, we explore the very best extra large dog beds for Great Danes based on comfort, size, durability, healthy support and value for money.

Best XXL Dog Beds for Great Danes


1. Big Barker 7″

  • Most Comfortable, Orthopedic Bed
  • 10 Year “no-Flattening” Warranty
  • 1 Year Free Trial
  • Cover Isn’t Dig/Chew Proof


2. K-9 Ballistics

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3. PetFusion

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3. The Dog’s Bed

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What to Look for in a Great Dane Dog Bed

What’s the Right Size?

XXL Dog beds usually measure around 50 by 60 inches. This is the perfect fit for your fully grown Great Dane who can easily reach 48 inches in length and 44 inches in height (paw to head).

Anything smaller and you might run into some health issues…

They’ll usually curl up into a convoluted ball when sleeping but also love to stretch out on their dog bed.

A fully stretched out Great Dane (end-to-end) can reach a total length of up to 80 inches!


You’ll want to be sure you can accommodate all the creative positions your dog can come up with so as not to force them into an unnatural sleeping position.

Natural joint and limb development will be much easier if they’re allowed to move freely and comfortably on their beds.

Another important reason you want to have a double XL dog bed is that it will help curtail certain twists and convolutions in their body which might increase the risk of Gastric Dilation. A situation where their stomach twists and cuts off blood flow to this vital organ.

The large dog beds above have all been checked for the perfect size for a fully grown Great Dane.

As this hilarious video shows… sometimes, no matter how big the bed, your Great Dane may still want to sleep in the little one. LOL

Correct Thickness and Orthopedic Material for a Great Dane Dog Bed

You need a bed that can support their 100 to 200-pound weight while offering soft comforting support for sensitive joints and limbs. It shouldn’t be too soft either… this will result in overheating and making it much more difficult to get up out of.

We’ve found that a medium-firm 7-inch orthopedic memory foam dog bed hits the sweet spot. The soft pressure absorbing material allows for hips, elbows, and knees to sink into adaptive cushioning “pockets” while getting up or moving around on the bed is still easy enough for your Great Dane.

As they start to slow down in later years, your dog will appreciate the dynamic support that memory foam offers.

Is it Slobber Proof?

Great Danes will sooner slobber their beds to death before chewing it. If they do chew, it usually isn’t all that destructive. Your primary concern would be a water-proof material that can handle years of drool. Either that or you’ll need to wash the cover very regularly.

It’s often harder to find waterproof-dog beds that still offer soft, comforting material to sleep on. That’s why many dog owners will cycle through a few blankets. They’ll absorb a lot of moisture while still providing that soft, cozy feel to your dog.

Where to Place the Bed

Believe it or not, these are indoor dogs. A Great Dane’s need to feel safe and loved will often lead to owners letting them sleep on the bedroom floor (or even inside the bed!)

Though this can seem innocent at first, but once you’ve established it as a sleeping routine, it’s incredibly hard to go back. Then, as they get older, flatulence and noisy sleeping can keep you and your partner awake while they lie there unperturbed in doggy dreamland.

Instead, you should get them used to sleeping in the living area of the house. Somewhere where they can observe the movements of people through access points and corridors but where they also feel safe and protected. Depending on your home layout, the floor of the kitchen or dining area usually makes sense for most people.